Our Team


Name: Ahkeem Sealy

Age: 24

Role: Owner, Director, Blog Writer, & Twitter Admin
I joined @AnfieldPress very early on during its development process. Absolutely honored by this opportunity and I am enjoying the experience so far!

I am a digital marketer and I graduated from George Brown School, located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. I have a passion for advertising content on social media.
Full-time Liverpool supporter!
If you want to find out more about me, follow me on Twitter at @RedFromThe6

Name: Adrian Cocking

Age: 17

Role:  Owner, Graphic Designer & Social Media Admin

I am a graphics designer. I have had my work used by Liverpool and various famous YouTubers over the past year. I have ambitions of improving my skills and hoping to gain a bigger audience while working with the team. We have the right team and the ability to win an FBA Award, we will be working towards that goal



Name: Fazan

Role : Freelance Writer

A huge sports enthusiast and a life long Liverpool FC fan. Follow the club religiously and have in depth knowledge of players, staff and everything LFC related. Keen to share my opinions on transfers, tactics and general club related news & activity

Name: Daniel Jones

Role: Writer

Liverpool FC is my passion. I am very excited and impressed how much we have grown already on Twitter. I hope we cab excite and intrigue a further audience that will put Anfield Press at the top of all Liverpool fan pages!

Role – Instagram Admin and Writer

So, why did I join Anfield Press? This is a very simple answer, I love football and I love Liverpool Football Club. Since I was born almost 20 years ago, my dad immediately got me in to football. I was into a Liverpool kit almost instantly. 20 years later, you can’t get me out of it! I am very passionate about the club and love talking about football.
Having played it as well, albeit not at the greatest level! I have a burning passion for football and have always wanted to do something with this passion.
Anfield Press is a really exciting opportunity for me to place these views and knowledge of the game and club I love, and it is fast development. I hope to be a part of this development through and see great success alongside Anfield Press and also the club.