It comes to a close ..

The premier league has drawn to an end, and what a season it’s been! I’m proud of my club and we’ll never give up the hope – we can do it.

We’ve seen some memorable games such as the Origi winner vs Everton; down to the European come back Vs Barcelona. These are the games all fans wish for and were lucky enough to have this. The team, the club, the manager have put their all into these games, we’ve tried our hardest and we’ve created some absolute belters of games and we mustn’t forget that.

Our signings this season have been extraordinary to the club and worth every bit of money we spent. Alisson has been astounding, winning the golden glove with 21 clean sheets in his first season. Fabinho has impacted our team amazingly. He started off slow for the club, not playing as much as we wanted, but now he’s playing week in week out, he’s shown a huge impact into our midfield. Shaqiri hasn’t played much for Liverpool this season but his obvious and most memorable part would be his two goals vs Manchester United which was huge for us and the club. We always love beating the Mancs! And last of all, Naby Keita. Keita has had some great games for Liverpool, he’s shown huge amounts of creativity within the midfield. (Although he doesn’t seem to play as much as we’d hope). Keita suffered a recent injury leaving him out the side for two months meaning he’ll miss the UCL final, but he should be fit and ready for pre season alongside Alex Oxlade Chamberlain who we are all looking forward to see play again.

In other news Reds, as hard and as upsetting as it seems, Manchester City have won. We might not of won the league, we might not of got the trophy , we might get another year of rivals having a laugh and making jokes about it being 30 years, but what do they have? The Europa league and bad games. Nothing compared to what we do.

We’ve worked for this season more than anyone could’ve ever imagined, and it’s one we’ll never forget. If we were asked at the start of the season if we’d take a title race and a UCL final , we wouldn’t say no would we!

We all have Madrid to look forward too – a back to back champions league final which many clubs don’t usually get.

It’s been incredible being able to write articles for Anfield Press and hopefully I get to write many more!

See you in Madrid Reds



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