Best players in the league..🏆

The PFA awards were on Sunday night, and everyone around will surely know who’s the best player in the league, Mr Virgil Van Dijk.

However, some people disagree with the fact that Virgil should be named the best and would rather Raheem Sterling of won it. Strange.

Virgil with his award.

Virgil was announced to be the best player in the league, and in the team of the season (TOTS). For Van Dijk, this is just a dream come true. With the struggles of joining Liverpool in the first place, to now be part of a title chasing team and in the champions league semi finals (back to back), is probably more than he ever imagined!

Virgil deserves this trophy more than anyone. He came into the team when Liverpool’s defence was slightly below average. He gave the players around leadership which we’ve needed for a long time at the back. With the captain mentality from Southampton, and the determination to play for Liverpool, it didn’t just help the team, but it helped the defenders individually. The way he’s managed to transform each CB into something great and to being able to keep the defence calm in tense situations is a dream. He’s the change we needed and it’s even more brilliant when you realise clubs thought we spent too much for him! 75million is so little compared to what he’s worth now.

Liverpool players with their trophies.

As you can see from this season, Liverpool has been astounding and more than four players should be awarded in this way , but thats not realistic.

Trent Alexander Arnold (RB), Sadio Mane (LW), Virgil Van Dijk (CB) and Andrew Robertson (LB), have all been selected for the TOTS.

Within the Liverpool team, it’s clear to many that these players play such a crucial part in our progress and in the journey to where we are now.

Trent came into the squad at such a young age and from where he was to now is outstanding. His work effic and his consistency within games is something great. He deserves the place in our team and he deserves to be in the TOTS. He’s the kind of player you see staying at Liverpool and definitely has future captaincy speculations surrounding him.

Andrew Robertson for only 8million was a bargain. There’s no other words to describe him other than outstanding. So far, he’s got a number of assists for Liverpool and his crosses are simply out of this world. (If you watched the press conference against Huddersfield, you’d know that him and Chamberlain had a bet on his assists, 10 in the premier league).

Sadio Mane is also such an essential team player for us. His goals, his crosses, his work for the team is impeccable. Last season, many people believed he was forgotten about due to Salah and his number of goals but he shouldn’t of been. He created the teams chances on goal and helped Salah reach the great levels he got to (showing his team work). He contributes so much and every award he gets is deserved. His attitude towards the club, his teammates and the opposition is something every player should strive to achieve.

Last but not least, Virgil Van Dijk. The best centre back in the world, our number 5 and just simply phenomenal. Since he joined our club, his improvements in our defence is one of a kind. I’ve already spoken about how amazing he’s been at the start of the article – but you just expect a player to be so good scoring on their debut!

Everyone involved with Liverpool Football Club should be proud of the players, and proud of the club! Let’s see what trophies our players await in the future games …


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