The moment we’ve all been waiting for …

As we are all aware, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is back! Yes I repeat, CHAMBERLAIN IS BACK!

Liverpool fans have been waiting for this moment since he went down in the Roma game last year, and he came back with a bang!

The progress and the determination Alex has been through to get where he is now is incredible and In my opinion, it really does show his love for the club and the lengths he will go to, to make sure he can be there for Liverpool when it’s needed the most.

Chamberlain at Melwood

Alex came onto the pitch around the 70th minute alongside Shaqiri and Alex being Alex have every Liverpool fan a heart attack!

He got so close to scoring, running around the Huddersfield players to the near goal, but his counter just missed due to top defending and I couldn’t imagine a better start for him after the 368 days off.

Watching Ox come back from such a serious injury involving the ACL, and coming back as if it was only a minor muscle injury was so good to see! His return will 100% benefit the team in the incoming games such as the last 2 premier league games, (which are mighty important for the title race) and the semi finals of the Champions league.

Just having Ox involved with the last part will be great all round.

The manager was also very pleased with Alex as said in his interview after the match. When Jürgen was asked about Chamberlain he said, ‘It’s really good news that he’s back. He has been back for a while and now today back in the squad, so it’s cool’ Klopp also mentioned that Chambo is ‘unbelievable’ showing the excitement and enthusiasm within his appearance to the squad.

Hopefully in the last few games Ox can make even more appearances and we should all be looking forward to his pre season games and see his progress up close and personal!


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