The latest on James Tarkowksi

The transfer window has now been open for 10 days currently and closes January 31st 11pm.

Liverpool currently now only left with one first-team defender fit for the trip to Brighton on Saturday afternoon , with Matip hoping to be back for the game against Crystal Palace would be a massive boost for the Reds.Then Gomez hopefully back a few weeks later. Then Dejan Lovren who came off injured in the 5th minute against Wolves in the FA Cup on Monday is out for around two months unfortunately.

Van Dijk will be the Reds only first team fit defender for the trip against Brighton.

But with lack of first team fit centre-backs, Liverpool made be forced into making another signing during the January transfer window.

Recently over the past few days reports have escalated over the past few days about the Reds being linked to Burnley defender James Tarkowksi. Tarkowksi was previously linked to the Reds back in the summer transfer window but Klopp choose to stick with what he had going into the 2018/19 season defence wise anyway.

According to the Daily Mail, Burnley have slapped a £50million price tag on the defender which may be off putting for the Reds with them not wanting to pay so much for him.

In action for Burnley, Liverpool have been linked to the defender for quite a while now.

When asked if he would be signing reinforcements;

“The only country that asks a question like this is England. Everything is sorted with buying players.

We have four centre-halves. Three, maybe, two-and-a-half are injured so we’ll have to try and come through in the moment.

“We need them back but you cannot buy a fifth centre-half and say so you play two weeks and after that the others come in.”

So basically stating Klopp, he will try to manage around with was he has at the moment,being currently fit. But with the Reds 4 points clear of Premier League title rivals Manchester City, an extra defender may come in handy for that extra step to the Premier League title come end of the season.


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