Where does Moreno’s future lie at Liverpool?

For the last two seasons we’ve had another of complaints from fans about not wanting him to play football for Liverpool again due to the number of mistakes he made, but some how – he managed to prosper and stay with LFC!

Surely it’s his time to go though, right?

Moreno, Via Liverpool


My last full memory of Alberto would be the 3-3 draw against Sevilla, where as a lot of us know – he made mistakes costing us the draw and not the 3-0 win everyone anticipated.

With Robertson being our first team Left Back, and being as good as he is, I don’t see Moreno getting an inch of hope with playing for Liverpool because he isn’t the standard the team needs anymore, we’re looking for a lot better. We definitely need a back up left-back in case of injuries, but bringing in Adam Lewis from the youth would bring much better opportunities to him and the team. Adam Lewis can show huge progress under Klopp just like Trent did as well, so it would be a great addition.

Moreno, Via Liverpool FC

Alberto has had many reports, mostly in Spain, like his old club Sevilla wanting him back. Realistically, it would be best for him to leave Liverpool and go back to Spain and finish his career there. He doesn’t have any chances of starting games by staying in Liverpool so for his own football sake, he needs to leave.

Moreno has also had reports of a move to Newcastle with 89% of their fans wanting him in the club, and playing under a Liverpool legend like Rafa Benitez would a hugely beneficial for him.

Moreno, Via Liverpool FC

In a latest report as well, Moreno has also expressed how he feels he’s been treated by the club, especially from the likes of Klopp as he says :

“The situation is normal for a lot of players but simply, I did not like the way he (Jurgen Klopp) has treated me, you can say that.”

This for many reasons, shows why I want him out the club. He needs to revive his football career and not pull down anyone with him, like he’s stating. Realistically, Klopp has found a better player then him and he needs to respect that, and if he isn’t happy – don’t tell the media, speak to the club and get a move away.

I can’t see Moreno staying for another season like most Liverpool fans, so let’s see what the future holds!


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