A* Alisson!

Can you believe we payed £66 million for this world class keeper? Personally, I can’t quite believe it, It’s a bargain!

A lot of people compare goalkeepers now-a-days ; especially De Gea for example – but Alisson is just something else, you can’t compare him with anyone because the previous games he’s played in, have been outstandingly amazing, and the saves he’s managed to pull out have just shown the talent he has.

Jurgen Klopp & Alisson celebrating.

It’s clear to say his relationship with Jurgen is as good as one can get from the way Klopp celebrated the Mersey Side derby win, and that relationship with Klopp will 100% effect how he plays and that’s a key factor to why he’s so great for our team.

Alisson showing passion after a win

Alisson has a 86% save rating which is impeccable and shows a definite change from previous keepers and having that great keeping through out games, again, shows how much our defence has progressed through seasons, making the future even more exciting. We’ve been lacking a stable back in our squad for a while and this season you can tell how much Alisson helps us.

So far in the premier league, Alisson has started all games (17) , and has achieved 10 clean sheets so far. This is massive progress within our team. With Alisson coming from Roma as well, keeping up with the pace of the premier league would be something anyone would find difficult and the way he’s reacted to that is huge and shows how good he is.

Alisson showing yet another celebration!
It’s fair to say everybody involved with
Liverpool is for sure thankful for this
incredible summer signing and one
we will never forget

If Alisson keeps playing the way he is, we have a 100% chance of bringing in the trophies we deserve!


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