LFC on the brink of signing Naby Keita, again?!

January deal for Naby Keita agreed? Reports suggest he could be unveiled as a Liverpool player for the second time, but more importantly for the current season as early as Sunday. Fingers crossed.


Transfer windows bring the best and worst out of fans. When it goes against you, it’s all doom and gloom. On the flip side, when a transfer works in your clubs favour, it’s a sensational rush of emotions containing a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm, happiness and relief! It’s safe to say LFC fans tend to go through the full emotional spectrum during these periods.

The euphoria amongst the fans following the signing of VVD was at its peak. £75mil? World record fee for a defender? Behave LFC… Who do we think we are? Unfortunately, that euphoria was short lived. Few would have predicted a swift Coutinho sale so early in the transfer window mid-season.

Immediately the attention turned to potential replacements, unrealistic targets, dream signings. Names like Mahrez, Sanchez, Fekir, Lemar and even recent reports of interest in Antoine Griezman (blimey) are being linked! If statistics and noise within the club was anything to go by then it was pretty obvious there was one player Klopp wanted immediately and that’s Naby Keita. A modern-day elite midfielder – defensive stats comparable to Kante, offensive stats comparable to Coutinho, quick acceleration, technical ability and strength.  We were all pretty excited as a fan base of him arriving in the summer but to have him potentially available now is an absolute coup. Make no doubt about it, this is another marquee signing.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-12 at 22.06.02

More goals than our central midfielders (Can, Wijnaldum, Henderson, Milner) combined. More dribbles per 90 minutes than ANY midfielder in Europe’s top five leagues. Averaging more than three tackles per games, just over two interceptions each match too – again more than any of the current midfielders at our disposal. Keita is the true definition of a box-to-box midfielder.

FSG have come in for a lot of stick recently, it seems there is very little they can do to win fans over. Forget net spend or the sale of Phil Coutinho, if we add Naby Keita to the playing squad in this window having already secured the colossal VVD, then we are much more balanced and stronger for it. The spine is starting to form and it’s looking pretty good. Hopefully, we aren’t finished yet…

Liverpool fans on social media are something else during transfer windows. Domestic plane tracking, car registration experts, ITK’s investigating mystery players, subliminal messages, cryptic photos and now searching player company details in hope for information leading to positive transfer news. What a fan base. Still plenty of time left in January…


Article by Fazan Habib (writer at Anfield Press)


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