Fans Reaction: Who are our Best Midfielders?

Adrian asked a few fans for their opinions on who the best midfielders are at Liverpool.

Here’s what they had to say:

Who do you think the best midfielders at the club are?

Jack Thomson: (Owner of Anfield Express)

1. Coutinho

2. Can

3. Wijnaldum

4. Lallana

5. Milner

6. Grujic

7. Henderson

Coutinho for obvious reasons. Can because he’s 23 and we concede less and score more when he’s in the 6. Wijnaldum because he can play any role in midfield and performs better on bigger stages. Lallana because he’s good at times but he’s very inconsistent. Milner because he’s versatile. Grujic because I dislike Henderson and had to put him at the bottom.

Jimmy Sill:

1. Coutinho

2. Can

3. Gini

4. Lallana

5. Hendo

6. Milner

Coutinho is key to the team playing well.

Can offers defensive solidity as well as a threat going forward. Gini is just an all round baller but can go missing on games. Lallana has energy and passion but can lack the end product. Hendo is meh – passing is average and always wants to go sideways or backward, had a tough job to replace Gerrard. Milner is past it.

Jack Gill:







Phil Coutinho is first as he is our only World Class midfielder right now and a long way ahead of the others. Gini Wijnaldum is a player I really rate, he does a lot of the work in our midfield. Can has a lot of potential but doesn’t show his class enough.

Adam Lallana, this is a tough one. Adam Lallana works hard and leads the press but misses a lot from his game, very inconsistent. As our players continue to improve under Klopp, Henderson is still the same. He has a difficult job following the work Gerrard did for the club but at 27 years old, he seems to be having a reoccurring injury problem and he hasn’t been the same since he first picked it up. I’d like to see A LOT more from Jordan Henderson as I know he’s capable of it.

Grujic isn’t the finished article yet, he’s still got to improve his game a lot. I put Milner below Henderson but above Grujic as I believe Milner gets nowhere near our midfield anymore, I prefer him at LB personally.

Here’s what I had to say;

1. Coutinho

2. Lallana

3. Wijnaldum

4. Can

5. Henderson

6. Grujic

7. Milner

Coutinho was always going to be at the top of my list for obvious reasons – every fan would agree. Lallana second because of his work rate into the team and it’s a shame he’s been injured for such a long time.

Wijnaldum third, mainly because of how consistent he has been this year and not most fans have seen that from him. One of his best games was against Arsenal at home this season. Can fourth because when he’s on his day, he plays well but he lacks consistency.

Henderson fifth as I personally think he isn’t good enough for the starting 11 and doesn’t suit that number 6 role – results show we have won more games without him. Grujic sixth as he’s still developing and hasn’t been given a chance yet. Milner is past his best.

Thanks to Jack Thomson, Jack Gill, and Jimmy for answering the question.


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