Alberto Moreno: The Future or The Forgettable?

It is a well known fact within the LFC fanbase that Alberto Moreno is one of the most highly discussed players within the club at this current time. Everyone has their own opinion on him, should he be in the team? Should he even be at the club? In this article I will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly that Alberto can bring to the club.

The Good:

There are many aspects of the game which Moreno brings to the team whenever he is on the pitch, I can’t deny that he can add to the attacking threat we possess, especially with his speed and willingness to attack throughout the game. Yes he doesn’t exactly set the world alight in the goal scoring department, only scoring 3 goals in his 84 league appearances he’s made for the club. But what he does offer is another body and option going forward which will always have a positive impact when it comes to attacking. There’s also no doubting that he has massively improved in his defending over the past few month, although that isn’t saying much comparing it to previous seasons. His tackling has improved drastically which as a defender this is obviously needed. And with never being shown a red card in the league, and a small amount of yellows, Alberto’s discipline isn’t something that can be put into question. His call up to the Spanish national side is testament to how much he has improved over recent times. It seems that having limited game time last season has made him realise that he needed to improve drastically to regain his place in the team. However, Bertie still does has his weaknesses…

The Bad:

Quite frankly, Moreno’s positioning is bad at the best of times, and that is being complimentary. I couldn’t count on two hands how many times Alberto going wandering has led to major chances and goals to the opposition. Spurs and Sevilla this season are just the two that spring to my mind. His aerial ability can be put into question whenever a player who matches his size or is bigger comes up against him. I also believe that Alberto doesn’t have the technical ability to come up against the elite players in world football he could come up against if we made it to the latter stages of the Champions League. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale would have an absolute field day against him. Yes you could pass some of the blame onto the rest of the defence for this as he doesn’t exactly get much help but when you compare him to the likes of Alex Sandro of Juve and Jordi Alba of Barca, both attacking full backs much like Moreno, he offers very little in the defending department. The lad lacks leadership which is essential to be one of the main cogs in the defensive machine, especially when you compare him to James Milner of last season. Yes we can’t all be leaders, but when you look at the defenders we currently have, I personally believe the chance to grab the back four by the scruff of the neck and take control should be what all of them should be striving to do. Yes, he may be a little over exposed due to the team having such an attacking nature but this doesn’t take away the fact that individual mistakes are something that Alberto will always have in his locker.

The Ugly:

Simply put, his hair. Alberto Moreno must have spent more time at the hairdressers than he has at Melwood. No word of a lie, I do believe the lad has had more haircuts since joining the club than I’ve had hot dinners…

The Verdict:

All jokes aside though, I put out the question on my twitter (@Jamie_Sill17) as to if Moreno was good enough for Liverpool and from over 4300 votes, 62% believe he is. I don’t know if this is due to the lack of credible competition Alberto has got to force him out of the side or if they genuinely believe he is good enough, however I am personally inclined to disagree. It may sound bad but I will never forgive the lad for what happened in the Europa League final. However when you look at the fact that he’s only 25 and has time to improve, and seeing what Chelsea did with Marcos Alonso, I would be inclined to see how he could develop over the next few years. We do have other positions which should be a higher priority to improve on first. We will save that for another day though.

You can follow myself on twitter at @Jamie_Sill17 for more of my opinions on all things LFC.


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