Q&A with Graeme Kelly

Adrian recently interviewed Graeme Kelly. Here’s what he had to say:

With Keita coming into the squad in summer, would you be happy for Emre Can to leave?

We will definitely need to replace Can too in my opinion. Even if we do sign Gortekza (who we are in for strongly and the player is up for the move) we still lack a defensive minded midfielder. Keita and Gorzeka will be brilliant but who sits in behind them in the 6 role? Henderson is having a torrid time and I wouldn’t be surprised if he left next summer so unless Grujic steps up or Gini can sit in, I feel we need another.

Ings has yet to make an appearance this season in the league. Do you think Klopp will give him a chance? Or should he move clubs for first team football?

He will go out on loan in Jan. Probably Newcastle or Burnley.

Van Dijk…. do you think he will come in January? Or can you see Southampton holding onto the player until the summer?

I can only say what I said in summer, the club are confident of him coming in. Klopp won’t be allowed to hold out for one player until the last day like he did in the summer for VVD ever again. Edwards gave him alternatives. He didn’t want to hear it.

Dejan Lovren… do you think he deserves to be at Liverpool? or should be sold?

I stuck up for Lovren for a long time, then I’ve slated him for a long time. I suppose we don’t know if it’s him or the system until we sign another player. I don’t think he is top 4 quality and certainly not CL quality, he goes to ground far to easily. To be fair to him, he isn’t protected very well by our open midfield.

12 goals in the league for Salah and it’s only December. He also a better percentage of chances converted than when Suarez was back at the club. Can you see him getting more goals in season than what Suarez got?

Yes. He has missed a few chances and a penalty too. Very direct and always try’s to get his shot off. I thought he’d do well but this is ridiculous, he’s not even a striker.

“He is unplayable and always finds a way”

Your first choice keeper and why?

Ward. I just think the other two have had a go and never really impressed. Don’t get me wrong Karius is young and probably deserves a long term go. Mignolet? He can be brilliant for 5 games but always has that mistake in him. Lose concentration. I’m not as pissed off with the keepers like I used to be. That Mignolet stat of letting the first shot on target go in was getting to me at one point.

Joe Gomez is turning out to be a prime defender for Liverpool. Can you see him improving a lot more under Klopp?

I think he is already the best defender at the club, I like that Klopp has played him at full back to ease him in, Houllier did it with Gerrard. Same with TAA, I see Gomez being CB before too long and TAA centre mid.

Coutinho with 3 assists and 1 goal against Brighton. Your thoughts on how he played?

We all know Coutinho has that in his locker. He is a brilliant player and can be the real heartbeat of the team. Only two or three in the league on his level.

Matip is expected to be out for a month. How do you think the Reds are going to deal with this going into a big block of fixtures?

I know Gomez and Klavan were poor today but I’d just expect them to fit in with Matip absent, maybe a chance for Gomez central although that is hindered by Clyne missing. Got to say I thought Can and Lovren did well today. Should have had a clean sheet too. Never a pen.

Thanks to Graeme for taking his time to answer the questions. You can follow him on twitter @GraemeKelly1 and Adrian @AdrianCocking_.


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