Q&A with TheKopHQ

Adrian recently interviewed Jay: Here’s what he had to say

1) Emre Can or Henderson? Who do you prefer in the Number 6 position and why?

Can I say neither? I think we need to sign a specialist to play that role. Henderson has had a poor season for me and I’ve never been a big Can fan, who I think is a big time Charlie over this new contract offer.

2) Do you think we have a chance of silverware this year?

The only thing we can realistically win is the FA Cup. Already out of the League Cup, the title is over already as Man City have walked it. And the Champions League is great to be back in it, but we won’t win it.

3) Do you think Klopp has done a good job so far this season?

I’d say its been an average season so far. We currently sit 6th in the Premier League, so two places below were we came last season. Top of the Champions League group is good and can’t complain too much about that, albeit we should have already qualified by now.

4) 15 goals for Salah this seasons in all competitions . What’s been your favourite?

His first one against Southampton was special when we beat them 3-0 the other week. But I loved his goal against Chelsea at the weekend, against the club that discarded him a few years ago. Satisfying

5) Chamberlain starting to prove his abilities in the team, can you see him getting more chances in the starting 11?

I think he’s good Ox, but even before we signed him I didn’t see him making our strongest team when all are fit and my opinion hasn’t changed regards that. But he makes our squad stronger and he is a player I do like.

6) Reds need to avoid defeat to progess the Champions League group stages…. if so, how far can you see them reaching in the final stages?

We should take care of Spartak Moscow with ease to take us through to the last 16 stage. We might get through that round but Quarter-Finals are as far as I can see us going, in all honesty. Our defence will continue to let us down, especially if we came up against Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo boys.

Thanks to Jay for taking his time to answer the questions and you can follow him on twitter @TheKopHQ

You can also follow Adrian too @AdrianCocking_


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