Q&A with Rahul Tanna : Sevilla (A) Experience

Adrian interviewed Rahul on his experience of his trip to Seville watch Liverpool play Sevilla in the Champions League Group stage match.


1. With a win against Sevilla, the Reds could of qualified and topped the group. What were your expectations going into the game?

Going into the game I wasn’t confident and kept saying to my mates I’d take a draw against Sevilla. However, after the first half performance, I was absolutely gutted with a draw.

2. Heading to Seville and to the stadium itself, did you feel safe?

A lot of Liverpool fans didn’t go Moscow due to the risks and stories of it being dangerous etc. Sevilla was worse than Moscow, without a doubt. The local police didn’t care about the traveling away supporters, and the Club staff looked too scared to say anything or go against anything the Spanish police said/done. Going into the ground the police were stood there staring at you, looking for excuses to start hitting fans and arresting them. Inside the ground was even worse, when asking simple questions to the stewards/police like where do we sit (showing our tickets) we were told they don’t know and pushed us away.

“Literally, pushed us away”

At this point, the best thing to do was walk away and find somewhere sensible to stand, because the moment you react back they have a chance to start hitting you and arrest you. Some away supporters tried bunking in without a ticket, normally when this happens one steward or one police officer would grab them and escort them out. Last night Spanish police took it to the next level, it took ten police officers to start hitting fans with bats and dragging them down with as much force as possible. Absolutely shocking to watch. Even after the game, the police were hitting supporters for no reason.

3) What was your experience like on the ground and were our fans backing the Reds the whole way?

My overall experience was sadly ruined due to the staff and police, in terms of Liverpool the result and manner in which we drew the game speaks for itself. The atmosphere was great in the first half but in the second half, no one was up for it. Sevilla fans in full voice the full final 45 minutes.

4) Coming up to half-time. 3-0 up. Did you think the game was done and dusted?

If I was to be honest, at halftime we were expecting another 2-3 goal, we were all over them and the team had shown so much passion, desire, and fight that I don’t think anyone expected us to finish the game 3-3 with one point.

5) A lot of the fans were saying Moreno was at fault for 2 of our goals. Do you still have faith in him he can still do us a good job?

Moreno in action for Liverpool ( Photos via Liverpool FC)Moreno has been one of our best players all season, it’s harsh to blame him. He didn’t have a good game and was taken off, but still has a lot of potential and will carry on starting for Liverpool.

6. Full time. 3-3. How were you feeling after the game?

The result itself was one issue after the game I was feeling absolutely embarrassed, but I was more concerned about going back to the hotel and my safety with everything that was happening around me. That’s the first time I’ve generally feared for my life at a football game. Not a good feeling.

7) What was your best away experience out of 3 in the group and why?

My best away experience has to be Maribor, nice little ground in the middle of nowhere in Slovenia. We didn’t only just win the game 0-7 but the place itself was lovely, cheap food and drinks and the sun made it even better!

Adrian would like to thank Rahul for taking his time to answer these questions for us. You can follow him on Twitter @RahulTanna_ and can also follow Adrian on twitter @AdrianCocking_


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