Head Henchoz

With our current centre back… I don’t want to say crisis but let’s call it problem. With the centre-back problem, I’ve found myself reminiscing about some of the best centre backs I’ve personally seen at Anfield. Hyypia without doubt, Carragher I suppose, Bjorn Tore Kvarme *RECORD SKIP* *COFFEE SPAT OUT* *ALL EYES ATTRACTED IN THE SILENCE* Ahem. So we haven’t had many during my life time. One who isn’t really discussed is the Swiss brick wall known as Stephane Henchoz.

Henchoz in his prime, looking for trouble                                 Copyright Daily Mail
Signed in the summer of ’99 along with Sami, Vladimir Smicer, Sander Westerveld, Titi Camara and the absolute signing of the century, Erik Meijer, Henchoz came into the club with an injury and his debut would have to wait.

When it finally came, he and Hyypia became a solid ying-yang, bleached-blonde-hair-for-some-reason partnership. Sami did the elegant and notable stuff, like scoring and long passes while Henchoz got his knees and knuckles muddy with blocks and tackles. Although he constantly looked like he was out of breath, he always made defending look easy, denying goalscoring opportunities with last second, heart-stopping challenges. He was the type of defender who would get hit in the bollocks and not register any pain on his features, like a red Terminator. His most shining moment was probably the 2001 FA Cup Final against Arsenal. Block after block, tackle after tackle, handball after handball… oh no he didn’t! Tee-Hee! As a no-nonsense, body-on-the-line defender, Henchoz was a central cog in the Treble winning side. Unfortunately, that’s where his success ended. Bothered by injuries in his last two seasons, Henchoz was moved on by Rafa Benitez in January 2005, after 205 appearances. Like all good defenders, goals were his sworn enemy and as a result, he didn’t register one for the Club.

Currently, Henchoz is looking to get back into the game through coaching. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see him taking a team into continental competition one day. God help the defenders who make any mistakes under him!


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