Adam Lallana injury is a big blow for the reds

Jurgen Klopp has received a big blow as Adam Lallana is set to be sidelined for a few months with a thigh injury.

The thigh injury was sustained when Liverpool played against Atletico Madrid in the Audi Cup final on Wednesday night.

“This is certainly not news that we would have wanted” from the manger Jurgen Klopp after telling 

“Unfortunately, the damage is such that it will likely mean that Adam Lallana is out for a couple of months not weeks, so I think you can pretty much rule him out of August and September.”

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This is a big blow for the reds and could see Liverpool dip into the transfer market to find a replacement for the injured Adam Lallana. However, I see Liverpool not going in to sign anyone else and stick with the Emre Can and Georginio Wijnaldum.

If we were to sign anyone to fill in the gap which Lallana has created it would be for me Oxlade-Chamberlain. The OX brings great versatility and can play in a numerous of different positions which is very good. Plus at around the £20m-£25m price mark you really can’t go wrong with it. In my opinion a very good replacement to a injured Adam Lallana.

the ox



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