Liverpool’s possible transfers

The @AnfieldExpress discusses the possible transfers that Liverpool could be pursuing this summer.

So far Liverpool haven’t had the most successful start to the summer, even though we have signed the promising starlet Dominic Solanke. Even though the transfer window hasn’t properly opened yet, so who knows what will happen in the near future?

We’ve had a apparent scandal so far with Southampton over Virgil Van Dijk and have also had problems with agreeing a fee for Mohamed Salah with AS Roma. But what exactly is going on right now with Liverpool?

In my opinion, Van Dijk will still get done. The player is already massively eager to join Liverpool, and I can’t see Southampton really turning down a bid of £50m-£60m. Liverpool were clever enough in apologising and closing off interest incase of a penalty for the Reds. But hopefully, a deal can be finalised as he would be a perfect fit with Joel Matip at the back.


Salah is also a transfer which I expected to be done a few weeks ago by now. After him agreeing personal terms, it looked like it was over the line. However, a fee has still not been agreed with AS Roma, as of yet and I fully except Liverpool to get it done in the near future. As Salah is a very similar player to Sadio Mane and would be a great addition to the squad as he offers pace and a willingless to run at players. Just what Liverpool need.

Futhermore, in terms of rumours, we’ve had a lot of rumours about Alex Oxlade-Chamberlin and Naby Keita? Personally, I think that we won’t sign either of them because firstly Chamberlin could be a large fee and would be more of a rotational player. Meaning that he would only come in if someone is injured or comes on late to run down the clock. While, on the Naby Keita’s situation its seems that it has dragged on for ages without a mimic of interest in the last few weeks. Therefore, at this moment of time it looks unlikely.


In my opinion, the key area we need to address would be a left back, and there really aren’t that many out there at the minute. With Saed Kolasanic going to Arsenal on a free; which I really think we should have gone in for, and Ricardo Rodriguez leaving AC Milan for just as cheap as £15m, Liverpool haven’t really done themselves any good with letting two quality left backs leave the Bundesliga without going in for them. However, there’s still rumours going around with the surrounding of Benjamin Mendy which would potentially cost £40m. But with stern competition from other top clubs it looks very unlikely.


Thanks for reading, and we are looking forward to making many more articles at AnfieldPress so stay tune for more!


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